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The world-wide approach of the markets for goods, services, capital and labour is an imperative condition for more international cooperation between industry, universities and other institutions with scientific and economical background.
Manufacturers and traders are urged to respond to this challenge an a fast and flexible way in order to maintain an existing market share or to expand to a new one. This requires detailed information about the foreign countries and technical support for the establishment of businesses.

The region with an enormous market potential is the Asian area. European products still have a low market share in Asia, but many companies are interested in taking part in the future oriented  world-wide interaction of the Asian global activities.

The objective of  N.E.W.S. is to act as a catalyst for approach between Europe and Asia. Active technology transfer, exchange of professors and students, corporate activities in research and development, co-operative links between universities and industry help to fulfil the aim of global growing together.

Today N.E.W.S. consists of  22 universities in China, Korea, Japan, Russia, India, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil and Mexico, completed by co-operation with technology transfer institutions in these countries.

N.E.W.S.-Berlin is heading the N.E.W.S. organisation including the office of the Secretary General.